Final Rating: 4.68. Finished 61 out of 128 entries.

366 views including the voting period.


Animator: Raphael Blanchet

Description: A young koala discovers the world is full of bullies and opportunists.

Experience: 4-5 years on and off

Time taken: 40+ hours


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Bryan with a Y:

Great poses. Transitions in mouth movements is a bit poppy. Graph editor needs a lot of love.

Daniel Olivas:

Very good. my only critique is the lip sync seems to married to the words' vowels and consonants. "Milk money that time" especially has a lot of mouth movement, but if you look in the mirror saying it, your mouth moves open about 2-3.5 times. The mouth doesn't need to open much for "money" and "that" since the dialogue focuses on milk and time. You can think of "moneythat" as one word and it might help. Keep up the good work