Final Rating: 5.44. Finished 30 out of 128 entries.

478 views including the voting period.


Animator: Laura Fuentes

Description: This is my first time submitting to 11 Second Club. It was a lot of fun to animate and I hope you enjoy it.

If you wanna see more of my work find me on Vimeo at /laurafp

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: A week and a half


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Samaphon Chunawat:

The animation is okay. However, these poses are quite uninteresting. While the lip sync does follow phoneme mouth chart correctly but I feel the mouth movement is too pronounce for the line that the character is speaking.

Samuel Bourland:

Lesser mouth movements and poses. I think if the animation could be simplified it might turn out pretty nice.

Raphael Blanchet:

Nice composition and acting choices. I think that sort of uneasy shuffling (70-120) looks a little awkward because it feels like it should be a whole body thing with the weight shifting from side to side and its relegated to only the upper body.