Final Rating: 8.72. Finished 2 out of 177 entries.

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Animator: Aldric

Description: Giacomo walks down the barn in the morning to say hello to his animals

Trying out a new technique here, so lets see. I wish I had more time to clean up and polish it more, I think it could have been a good one. Anyways hope you like it!!!

Experience: 4 years: 3 learning, 1 working

Time taken: 6 days, could only work weekends :(


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C h o c o b i l l y :

Somewhere in the Top 3 ~

Jamie F:

Nice! I know it's not animation, but the render is cool!

Hunor Bálint:

Love the shading

John M:


Abhishek tiwari:

Real Dedication... It looks really good..

Craig Martin:

Woah... top shelf. If anything the staging and timing of the "what was that about" gag could have been given some more frames to seperate it from the big group of animals

Joey Geraldo N:

omg cool.

Josué Pedro Soares:

Took me a while to notice it was 3d, very impressive!
Both the style and animation.

Andrew Pu:

Wow, amazing animation. I guess it was hard for me to keep track with what was happening since there was so many things going on so i didn't even notice the bunny on my first watch. But apart from that, fantastic!

Kata Győrfi:

nice shading!

Kenneth Alexander:


Aaron James Mongcopa:

Niceeeee rendering and animation plus concept. Although the pink creature could've came in later in the scene for his reaction. This should be on the top 3. :)

James Chrisnanda Kusuma:

The character could've reacted more on the bunny stealing the egg part....but nonetheless this is very good!

Richard Adams:

Holy Toledo! This HAS to be the contest winner! It all works so well


I loved Each Frame! Only thing I noticed is:
Sudden Eye dart towards Egg on F#235 is getting no time to notice the viewer (us) that farmer Saw something. So start that darting frame from F#231. Oh this is 2D Frame by Frame! I'm curious, Can we do this at This stage without redrawing so much?



Reece Morgado:

Outstanding if not a little subdued!

Joshua Morley:

Had a really nice feel to it, but things just weren't hitting right in my opinion. Timing was really flat, so you could have sharpened up some movements, slow/fast. Really nice work though, definitely stands out.


really like the pencil, over the 3d animation.