Final Rating: 6.35. Finished 17 out of 177 entries.

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Animator: glen christie

Description: History gets re-written as the animals head for safety.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 30 hours


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Shania Angie:

I really love the concept!!


Fun! Great concept, this is the first one I've rated so far worth a comment. I would make his exasperation starting at the sigh more visible, the lip sync doesn't seem like it lines up at the end as well as it could. But great work, dinosaur was hilarious!

Jamie F:

Great idea!

Az Adamson:

Love the concept!!!

Joey Geraldo N:

nice implementation of noah


I like the idea, you should polish it more.

C h o c o b i l l y :

This "ark" is now a "park"... you know,,, a Jurassic Park. Great concept.


Really fun and fitting idea for what is a pretty tough audio prompt, could do with a little polish.


Good Idea.