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Denis Boissonneault Sep 11 Sec

by Denis Boissonneault

Final Rating: 3.80. Finished 101 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: Denis Boissonneault

Description: My first entry into the 11-second club. I think this is a great way for people to keep their skills sharp and increase their abilities.

Experience: Just graduated from Full Sail University

Time taken: 10 days


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Harol Martinez:

esta chevere, pero en el frame 183 al 196 (por ese lado) no se para que se enfocaba al otro personaje en ese instante. Las orejas se mueven un poco raro respecto a las acciones de los personajes, pero por lo demas esta muy bien


I just want to touch the squirrels, they look like they are made of satin.

Kyra Simone:

Tail and ear movement does not match expression, and some motions jostle like right before 'me'/153. Nice expressions.