Final Rating: 7.07. Finished 7 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: Christopher Scott

Description: Dogtective Craig searches for the source of a strange smell

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 15 hours


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Megan Whisenhunt:

It's tricky to do a quadra ped but I feel like his walk cycle feels pretty good

Kelly Haryanto:

love the ending!

Kyra Simone:

Very nice motion and lipsync! Your next step is environment.

Richard Adams:

Really like the unique, creative idea you came up with. Animation's really good too. Top Ten entry IMO.

Adriano Viana:

very good!!

Shauna Ludgate:

Woh great creature movement


not to match other animations, its a compitetion to work, dont import any other animation for current audios hahha ha a