Final Rating: 8.33. Finished 2 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: Martin Benes

Description: Hitman has something to think about.

Responsible for Animation, Layout, Lighting.

Rigs are courtesy of Animsquad.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: cca 50 hours devided into 12 days


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Dogus Kuner:

I really like the subtlety on this one. Good job!


The most finished, like the dramatic lighting.

Jonathan Fontaine:

so GOOD !

Megan Whisenhunt:

Love the fun twist at the end, this tells a good story! I only wish that the movement of the second guy felt a little cleaner, if I had to be picky his still look a bit snappy

Rahul Sharma:

top 3

Kelly Haryanto:

nice one! really love it. It was intense. Nice!

Richard Adams:

Lighting's a little dim, but otherwise so, so good. Love the nuances of the facial expressiveness.

ro crown:

Super direction and execution of a very, very, very great piece of a clip that will entertain audiences for years to come!

Big 11 stars from this 2d drawn animator who will learn from this and then some ....

Laszlo Hajba:

Woww! Awsome! Those little subtle movements make characters alive! Congrats!