Final Rating: 6.89. Finished 10 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: Soonjae Kwon

Description: there are spys everywhere even his wife and friend

Experience: senior

Time taken: around 8hr


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I got a warning, was expecting blood...

Christopher Scott:

Lipsync needs work

Israel Silva:

This is really good! I love the subtle details like when he is about to take a sip and then starts talking again. It gives life to the character.

Megan Whisenhunt:

I love the character movement in this!! His upper body really feels like it has weight and his facial expressions really sell the dialogue

Richard Adams:

Illusion of life, you nailed it. Superb animation. All the beautiful nuances and expressiveness in the face, body mechanics, and the eye movements, wow. Top 5, maybe even Top Two 3d entry.




looks good.