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One last summer grill party

by Andrea Szelesova

Final Rating: 6.53. Finished 9 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Andrea Szelesova

Description: Just a dad burning some food and giving some advice.

Experience: not much with more complex character animation (graduate)

Time taken: 3 days


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Pevin Kinel:

Nice setup and very good acting! Only crit would be that maybe he wouldn't keep his arms up so long (we are lazy animals), but overall very well done!

Alex Mey:

gesture at 195-210 is off balance. Consider taking a step back or leaning belly into grill. You nailed the emotion in the characters face throughout, but facing him away from camera loses a lot of what could have been shown.

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

You’ve done a nice job maintaining simplicity and readability. Where does the spatula go?

ro crown:

Big 10 stars from me for alla right reasons that i think you already know for....and do keep post more entries here please, please, and thhhaaaankss!

Charity Santos:

This could have used more secondary movements and overlaps and more breakdowns with arcs in between to avoid the linear stiffness, but I love the poses. His personality is great.

Personally, it takes a bit more effort to go through the work of adding more keys and breakdowns and sometimes I just wanna in-between it all to get it done, but the sections where I had a lot of nice keys and breakdowns were so much more satisfying to in-between.