Final Rating: 5.43. Finished 30 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Mitchell Kirkpatrick

Description: Guest speaker, Wally retells a story about a quote he likes. Skip provides the background music. Will be cleaned and colored for my reel.

Experience: A few years and a degree.

Time taken: Approximately 40 hours.


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Chris Leykam:

Love the expressive moustache

andrew sharp:

I think your acting is great. Your line quality and confidence could be improved. I went through draw a box a few months back. It helped my animation improve a lot. Then pick out keys spend a long time getting volumes right. It will make inbetweening way easier to maintain volumes. Check out draw a box and use a pen when going through it. Awesome animation bud
check out draw a box

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

When this animation is clean, it will look much better. The speaker's character was based off a funny walrus. The guitarist makes me happy.

Alex Mey:

I respect the time and detail put into the gestures and movement but you've got to hold your poses for a moment to impact. This allows the viewer to keep up. The character in the background has a little too much groove and movement that is taking attention away from the speaker during the speaker's most important gesture and line delivery (frames 120-180). I love the foreshortening in the hand gestures (182), but I think having the whole gesture in the shot would have been better/more impactful.