Final Rating: 5.30. Finished 33 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Jonathan Cotton

Description: Ralph loves to offer his pearls of wisdom...

Experience: Nil.

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Pevin Kinel:

Great setup. Maybe it could do with a few less poses, and the hair looks like it's made of jelly, but that pair of scissors made me feel on edge.

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

Great dynamic between characters. I like the idea of contrasting an active character with a less active one, it makes the action seem louder by comparison. In this case, it also makes a lot of sense. The background is solid, definitely looks like a shot from a series. Great secondary motion on the hair and glasses.-which he needs to stay safe around Scissor-flinger McGee over here.

Ashar Khan:

heheh great idea :)


I do like the secondary movement of the curly hair, but it might be a bit much.

M Rohan:

that hair sim is fascinating! is that hair sim or an