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RAY Lost his girl Friend

by Ashar Khan

Final Rating: 6.00. Finished 15 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Ashar Khan

Description: RAY Lost his girl Friend

Experience: 8 Years

Time taken: last 5 days


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You are smart GJ !

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

Great job, fantastic version of this audio clip. You’ve used one subject to address another. Commendable storytelling and subject matter.

Joel Murphy:

dark, but so nicely done!! great performance. great choices. really strong interpretation of the quote. I hope that you are mentally healthy. You do great work :)


if you had more time I could see casting some of the light on to the objects around the TV

Sajid Ali Mansoori:

Nice Work, But it could be more perfect. Screen character Does not syncing with dialog.

Salman Alam:

Nice bro.