Final Rating: 6.01. Finished 13 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Douglas Anderson

Description: A motivational speaker is giving his speech to an auditorium.

Experience: 3 yrs

Time taken: 2 1/2 weeks


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Chris Leykam:

Very expressive poses!

andrew sharp:


Pevin Kinel:

Nice work. Maybe he doesn't need to stress every other word with a hand gesture, doesn't really go with a relaxed motivational speaker persona (actually, might have worked better without the intro shots). But good drawings!

Alex Mey:

Really nice poses and gestures with transition that are really well done. I would stagger the movement in the arms to prevent twining as each arm movement starts and ends on the exact same frame, making the movement robotic and stiff. 370-390 was executed very well with good anticipation.

Ashar Khan:

nice acting and idea as welll

Joel Murphy:

I appreciate the story telling aspect of things, but felt like the exterior shots in the beginning were unnecessary. I like the lines drawn with the quick hand gestures!


I love the story on this one! Very creative