Final Rating: 7.23. Finished 4 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Fernando

Description: ''Jonny is telling a history while he records himself with his smartphone for his followers on a social network.''

First time in this challenge, I didn't had much time to work with the lighting stuff.

Experience: 3 years (I'm a current AnimSchool student)

Time taken: 4 days


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Chris Leykam:

Thoughtful poses!

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

This one is a bit of a brilliant sleeper. Like at first pass it doesn't seem like much but after a few views you notice some subtle greatness. He's obviously recording himself, so if you think about the tiny camera on the phone as OUR view, he's moving with added detail "off-screen". Of course we see it, but the recording wouldn't show it, so it automatically becomes extra. The body language with the arm resting on the leg, the secondary motion in that leg reacting to the weight, all good stuff. Hopefully other people watch it enough times to appreciate it.

Ben Zingo:

Really nice movement and sense of weight. I just wish it were brighter/easier to see!

Joel Murphy:

Super awesome style!!! Love the fluid in the expressions :)

Ashar Khan:

nice acting nice animation

Bernard Ting:

nice work!

Angshuman Mazumdar:

I like the facial expressions. Maybe brighten up the scene more?

Eva Margaretha:

very nice!


Great facial animation! Probably the best lip-sync in the contest in my opinion.

Charity Santos:

I applaud your effort with the acting. There are so many great moments that are on point!