Final Rating: 6.40. Finished 10 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Nils Kuhl

Description: Just a cat dad in a bar.

Experience: Sleftaught, but just started at an animation university

Time taken: 1-2 weeks


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Pevin Kinel:

Good contained acting. Maybe a tad too contained on "curious"

Richard Adams:

Top 5 for sure. Perhaps #1 this

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

Nice work. Just being picky, but maybe emphasize the "be curious" section of the voiceover. The audio implies more oomf. The cup-hand has nice motion, but the upper-arm stays the same size while the hand and cup don't. Almost like the cup-hand means to pull away in perspective, but the upper arm should change too. It happens a couple times, so maybe just be aware of those proportions. I do love the character and their expressions, otherwise.

ro crown:

Big eleven stars from me as this captures the best for the audio of this month. And you did not skimp on using every single frame as for that movement of life as it were!!!!!!!

Yigit Bayram:

Cool character. Especially I love the last cute smile. Only one thing bothers me, lines are always waving and this makes movement difficult to read, but anyways one of the best of this month, well done