Final Rating: 6.34. Finished 11 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: andrew sharp

Description: guy talking about a sign that inspired him pets a dog

Experience: On and off a bit of freelance

Time taken: 40 hrs maybe not sure


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Chris Leykam:


Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

Interesting concept. Makes me think of an animated commercial, PSA, between commercial advertisements. Or the Johnson & Johnson logo will pop up on the left, with another voiceover about the family company.

Solid character animation. You maintained proportions for both characters well. The quick smear is pretty and works well to build to the magical painting on the invisible wall.

ro crown:

This is cute in the fact of one color for the characters that is usally of a muddy brown or red....and the limited movement is ok, and i see the one smear ya have...yay for old fashioned the way he paints the quote onna wall is we and others hope to see more entries from you!!!!!!