Final Rating: 5.41. Finished 32 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Nannapat

Description: This is my second entry to this site. I think I improve a little bit form the previous entry and I hope this trend continue forward!
This audio gave me a very cozy feeling, warm and comfort. Having an unlikely duo encourage another is what I'm going for.

Experience: Relatively new to the scene

Time taken: around half a month or more


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Alex Mey:

The camera cuts don't really add to the story enough to be included. The robot's animation/ gesturing is very distracting and taking too much attention from the speaker throughout. The cut at 264 took so much potential impact from the speaker's words and robbed the animation of it's story/momentum. If you were to hold that pose and camera position, with the cowboy making eye contact, that would have been really nice. While the robot is crying, it's gestures are little too bouncy to reflect it's sorrow/anguish? emotion.


so much work, but lips...

Angshuman Mazumdar:

Love the body motion! You could take another look at the lipsync part though.