Final Rating: 4.47. Finished 43 out of 68 entries.

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Animator: H.E.Randall

Description: I'm a 2d animator but current job is making 3d more a priority; want to get better at complex 3d animation so here we are lol. This whole process has been more a learning process and has really given me more of a appreciation of 3d

Experience: 2 years on the job (plus 6 for schooling)

Time taken: about 70 to 90 hours in total


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Ben Zingo:

the actions feel float-y- be sure to act out the scene yourself as ref, and either really tweak the handles in the graph editor, or manually add in holds so that actions feel distinct from one-another!

Patrick Tran:

Good job finishing! I like the setup for the characters. The things that I can see that I feel needs a bit of working on is that at the start the movement feels a bit floaty on the character on the right. More key frames during blocking would help reduce this once splined and add a bit more weight to the animation. The hand movements feel a bit random for me too. Try thinking of subtext and what the character's thoughts are to help with deciding! Lastly try to keep the characters alive at all times, even the ones that aren't talking. In 3D it feels a bit strange to have someone completely stop moving. Adding even some subtle things like blinking of breathing helps with this. Good job though! Don't be discouraged, keep on trying.

Sam Kim:

The character on the left of the screen appeared lifeless for a few seconds at the beginning. Perhaps having her blink a few times at the beginning would help.