Final Rating: 3.23. Finished 62 out of 68 entries.

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Animator: MartinTorres

Description: I animated this for my animation class in college

Experience: A little under a year

Time taken: about two or three days


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Andrew Wilson:

Could be smoother but I like when the camera moved, it looked good.

Ben Zingo:

has potential, but hard to visualize with stepped keyframes.
Also make sure you act out the scene yourself, you might have a bit of over-acting here

Sam Kim:

The animation is lacking some breakdowns and inbetweens in the arms.

Kfir Ben-Dov:

Nice start with poses. Seems like to choose to work on the facial animation rather than try to improve the body animation.
My teacher used to say: "Animation is 90% body language, and 10% facial. Focus on the body, that's where the real story is".