Final Rating: 5.29. Finished 28 out of 68 entries.

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Animator: John Toledo

Description: Mia Rig by Alorema Srudio
insta: @alorema_studio_

Experience: 6 years more or less

Time taken: 5 Days


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Andrei Llacuna:

I like the "really" part at the end. her smiling is a such a nice contrast with her angry and sad acting.

Posing is pretty good but her right arm slamming at the table at "fear and respect me!" needs more oompf. tilt her right shoulders up a bit more and remove a couple of frames and the down phase of the 'slam' to make it more snappier.

Make the fingers and hand flow a bit more at "sad sack.." part. really open the fingers more and give it more of a dragging feel or gestural flow to it.