Final Rating: 8.79. Finished 2 out of 117 entries.

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Animator: Phongsakorn Khamchaisu

Description: The school play 'Les Miserable' is about to begin next month. So they open an audition for any student interested in joining the show. But Ji Eun didn't know what was ahead. Will she pass? Who knows!!?

Experience: 7 Years

Time taken: 7 Day


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Richard Adams:

Top 10 entry, maybe top 5. Beautifully done animation.

Louis M.F.:

These expressions are top notch

Leesha Mendoza:

Definitely one of my faves. Smooth, and clear reading. I love the idea

Connor O'Brien:

This is definitely the best one! Absolutely amazing acting and the facial expression at the end kills me!

Loubna Khider:

Look really clean and professional, well done !

David Nori:

I knock this down from full score because so many people have done the same idea where there is an audition or interview. Think of 10 ideas and pick after your 11th

Molly-Ann Marsh:

The characters are super expressive!