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Born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, Mark earned a dual degree in Linguistics and Classics from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Having worked with computers for two out of his three decades, Mark now works for TED.com as a workflow and video production engineer.

Minimal Involvement From: Aja Bogdanoff

Aja first studied computer animation while earning a Film degree at Cornell University, and spent the next several years freelancing as a Maya generalist before enrolling in the first class at AnimationMentor.com. After graduating from AM, Aja worked on a series of short films at PSYOP in New York City, then on Horton Hears a Who at Blue Sky Studios. She's freelanced at ReelFX, Bent Image Lab, and LAIKA/House, and currently works for TED in NYC.

Administration and Forum Moderation By: Armando Lluch

A tropical island native and an arts enthusiast, Armando graduated from Ringling College of Art with a B.F.A. in Computer Animation. While a cadet in college he landed an internship at Lucasarts Entertainment and ever since then he has spent most (if not all) of his career as a soldier in the Electronic Entertainment Industry’s battle field, more commonly known as: GAMES! His tours of duty also include service runs with Factor 5 and E.A.’s Visceral Games. He currently patrols the perimeter around the San Francisco Bay Area; armed with his precious portable digital sketchbook, he is ever ready to sketch/animate when duty calls or when nature calls.

Graphic Design By: Lisa Ericson

Lisa graduated from Yale University with a degree in Art. When her ability to realistically paint her own portrait proved to be less helpful in the job market than she might have hoped, she returned to school to study Graphic Design at UC Berkeley.

Initial Design Work From: Michael Twentyman

Mike has a degree in Communications from Cornell University, and after years of wranglin' code in the wild west of world wide web startups, now works at TED.com. He just can't get enough Abali Mint Yogurt Soda.

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