Final Rating: 4.48. Finished 90 out of 330 entries.

302 views including the voting period.


Animator: padel

Description: the deal between old partners is not working any more.

Experience: 3 years, amateur

Time taken: 2,5 weeks


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Zach Savaglio:

Remember seeing this in the WIP forums! The animation on the rat seems a bit slow, a higher FPS would help I believe.

dogman nate:

I like the poses and gestures (I chose similar ones for my own entry!) I think the poses could have been a little more pronounced and dramatic. Also, some of the motion seemed unnecessary - like the head movement from left to right.

Gaethan Bracke:

Seen this on the forum for feedback. Good job. Let's see, around frame 130-137 he lifts up his hand to point at the cat. But by the time he points he a;ready is saying "care" while "you" corresponds with him still needing to pull his hand up. If you had him point at the moment he says "you" it would make more sense and feel stronger I think.

Shiloh Z. Vanaver:

Good start. The movements are a little slow. Consider the “spacing” between the keys. You also seem to be shifting from one extreme pose to another with no pass positions. I see you have one “breakdown” for the cat on frame 42. You need more fore the rat. Unfortunately, it would mean starting over for most of the drawings, so maybe just focus on that for the next contest.