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Let sleeping dogs lie

by Anirban Paul

Final Rating: 7.03. Finished 2 out of 162 entries.

17,004 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anirban Paul

Description: Thank you for watching and voting

Experience: some

Time taken: 3 Days Mostly After Work


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top notch work with the face skin push.

Jacky Chen:

nice !

Muhammad Arsal:

wow!! perfect!!

Amartya Mukherji:

Wow.. Very nice.
There is scope for improvement. where? see, animation wise its spot on, specially the drag in the face and all. too good..
but the pace of the audio is very relaxed calm and composed, where as your character is tensed and panicky. Specially the first half of the dialogue.

".. dogs lie..." that portion acting is not going with the dialogue.

Abhishek Banerjee:


.great work ...Anirban da

Matt Horstman:

Character is clearly stressed and angry. Expressions read very well.

Vanessa Gonzalez:

Pretty awesome, except the lip sync's timing is a little off and I'd suggest to accentuate the mouth shapes just a bit more so you can really tell what he's saying.

Ryan D Lowe:

Great acting piece! The intricacies that must have been involved in that face/hair rub are impressive! Great work!

Aaron Clement:

Wha, good polish and acting... great clip.

Richard Clark:

I don't see the "lie" in his lip sync. Not bad, though!

Thomas Edward:

Brilliant character animation. I particularly like the secondary motion on his hair - nice touch.

Chad Bailey:

Awesome! The head shakes at the end, and the arm pull-away are perfect touches that add life to your character. Just add some stronger mouth shapes on your lipsync and you will have an amazing shot. Especially at the end of "L-IE" and emphasis the "FF" in o-ff. You can hear it in the audio. Great work!

avinash kharat:

Good animation , I like lighting

Subhasish Ray:

Grt job

Casey Colledge:

Really nice camera work and staging. I especially like the how he rubs his head and hair, it looks really fluid and natural. The critiques I have are when he swipes the other characters hand away, it would be nice if the other character touched his hand or got closer and then get more of a reaction from the character on the left. Right now it feels a bit confusing as to what is going on. Then I would have liked to see him get all the way off screen and haver the other character watch him leave off screen then cut. Great job though. Should be top 10.