Final Rating: 4.75. Finished 79 out of 200 entries.

513 views including the voting period.


Animator: Callum Austin

Description: Two guys talking

Experience: loads

Time taken: my whole life


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Sarah Dunn:

The moouth movement it solid. It would be stronger if it told more of a story.

April Slocombe:

Apart from Bill looking happy rather than disappointed, everything else works. The characters are straightforwardly designed yet have detailed lip sync, the body movements are subtle yet smooth and the colour scheme is pleasing to the eye.


Good animation, but needs more of a narrative

Shelby Christie:

I'm pretty sure this is a hospital and that the doctor dude is delivering a baby or something, but an image at the end or another cut to the mother holding said baby would definitely clear up the story. I can say that the color palette definitely helped me understand, and the doctor wearing scrubs did too, but otherwise I would have had no idea.

The animation is really cute though, and the characters are appealing! Good job overall.

Also if I'm way off with this story, let me know. That was my first impression of it though!

philipp seis:

you've hit "bursting" ! :)


Nice minimalistic character design. They might be even more unified if you were to use shapes for the eyebrows and ear folds, rather than lines.

J.K. Riki:

I have no idea what's going on in the scene, but I like the composition and different style you went with. Nice color choices too. Watch frames 15-32 or so, there's a lot of popping going on and it feels like the proportions are changing a lot. His head feels like it's growing and shrinking randomly, instead of being a solid mass. Anyway, good luck with your future animations, keep at it! :)


I like the style