Final Rating: 2.39. Finished 195 out of 206 entries.

411 views including the voting period.


Animator: Adam Richardson-Hindman

Description: University work submission.

Experience: 5-6 months

Time taken: couple of sessions


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at least u should have given proper rotation to the football..!!!

Brent Forrest:

the best animation I've ever seen


Not ready for the competition

Sandra Tapia:

Nice job!

ben malberg:

It's a nice illustration. I would spend more time on the animation, especially the speaker.

Corey Aaron Burkes:

I'll give points for lip syncing. I like the idea in a "something I would watch on Sesame Street" kind of way and in that note, it was cute. But "animation" in the traditional sense, I'm sorry. I dont see it.

Tobias Fuhr:

try to study more things for beginners, like bouncing ball, etc.. nice concept, i like it