Final Rating: 5.16. Finished 22 out of 73 entries.

548 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sean Manning

Description: A young woman spirals after a tame act of rebellion.

Animated with Maya 2018
Uses the Mery Rig (v3.5)

Experience: 5+ years

Time taken: ~40+ hours


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Pallav Sharma:

off lipsync

JoJo Leong:

great story.

Brown SamJam:

watch tweening. Gotta work on them ease ins and outs Keep going.

Eddie Higgenbottom:

Like how the ending explains the mood. Good Job!

Arlo Karleskint:

That final pose LOL


These women are jacked!

Henry Barbee:

Awesome!! Just needs more polish. Things shouldn't come to a complete stop; something should always be moving, even just a little bit. That's called a moving hold, and keeps things from looking dead.