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I shouldn't have said that

by Daniel Martinez Ojeda

Final Rating: 3.79. Finished 75 out of 104 entries.

424 views including the voting period.


Animator: Daniel Martinez Ojeda

Description: A boy talking about what happen the last night

Rigs: Eleven Rig

Experience: Student

Time taken: 3 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Kirsten Schow:

Swimmy movements, needs more moving holds. :) It gives the eyes a break.

Nammi Eu:

The girl disappears when you change the camera. The movement around frame 250 seems a bit odd.


The faces could act more emotionally, especially the eyes since thats where we tend to look at most of the time. The last shot seems weird because he doesn't make eye contact to whom he talks to the entire time.

If it was Over The Shoulder or even both of the characters in the same shot, then it would sort of fix the problem because I get that the blue shirt guy is trying to play off the question.

Niko Frenkenberger:

the cut at 120 is a bit confusing since the girl suddenly disappears, also check out the "180-degree-Rule". I like how the boy turns away from the handrail!