Final Rating: 2.61. Finished 78 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: John

Description: animation

Experience: a little

Time taken: 2 days


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Nice set up. I like the idea a lot. But it looks like the first character is the one doing most of the talking which makes it confusing. And I some more dynamic poses would help a lot. Keep at it!


I don't know if there were circumstances but this is quite poor, I'm not talking about the style but the fact that you mixed up the dialogue at the start, there is also not much movement from the characters

Henryk Jachimczyk:

Good effort. If each head shape were recognisably different that would help to identify each character, especially at the beginning.

Samantha Koffler:

Love your idea!

Matt Vera:

Cool attempt. You seemed to have lost track of who had what line in the dialogue. Also, you may wanna work on not letting them freeze in a pose, cause it kills the illusion of life. Let their wieght shift slightly as they hold a pose, or even just redraw the lines as they hold a pose to avoid 'pixel lock'.
All the same, it's cool that you are getting started in animation and I hope you keep at it and keep getting better.


I'm assuming you're a beginner, so I'd say 'good effort'