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coming up with an idea be like

by Kaemon Ducarpe

Final Rating: 5.92. Finished 17 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: Kaemon Ducarpe

Description: Rain did not walk in at a good time.

These rigs are NOT my own. They are royalty free rigs from Blender Studio. The rigs are:
- Snow by Demeter Dzadik
- Rain by Demeter Dzadik
- Vincent by Andy Goralezyk

Experience: I've been animating for about 2 years, self-taught.

Time taken: About a Week


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Vicent Matoses:

interesting acting and animation witha very good overall merit

Isaiah Hoeninghaus:

I like the set up, but I think the whiteboard sequence could be toned down. The shot isn't long enough to call for all that movement. He also falls down for no apparent reason.

Andrés Ramos:

Love the acting :D