Final Rating: 5.61. Finished 24 out of 131 entries.

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Animator: Peter Dang

Description: A bride's simple request

Experience: jobless grad

Time taken: 2.3 weeks


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Shakya Achyut:

Dang nice idea! lol

Marcus Taylor:

I feel like the sense of confusion in the vicar really comes across. Lovely idea.

Sam Neale:

Awesome take on it!


Well done! Very funny :) Lip sync, especially on the priest, needs more work. I feel like his mouth never really closed. His lips didn't match the sound he was making.

JoJo Leong:

Great story!

Jyrki Kanto:

Cool story :D

Jessica Castillo:

I just wanna say this is my favorite use of this clip, funny and original! The movements are a little mechanical, I think you could fix this by keeping some body parts (arms, head, etc.) lingering very slightly instead of locking them in one place after they've reached a key pose. Your expressions are funny though and I quite enjoyed it overall :)

Alex Ang:

One of the better ways to mix the dialogue up that I've seen

Szilard Hadobas:

So good idea!! But unfortunately I don't feel that the character really lives... maybe the spines are too stiff, or there are not to much pose changes.. also the lipsync need to be worked on...

Sabrina Winkel:

Pretty good