Final Rating: 6.66. Finished 11 out of 88 entries.

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Animator: Grayce

Description: Claymation

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: Two Days


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Tykia Lumpkin:

I know this must've taken a long time, but it sure has paid off!!!

Subhra Sankar Das:

Clay animation!

Joel Rigby:

Really cool, would have been nice to see it turn into an egg and then a hammer when referring to them


Nice to see clay, and this is a really fun idea. The beginning is a little stiff and could use a little movement even if it's not a shape change, but once he starts changing into the shapes it has a lot of life. A little more overlapping action when landing on the new shapes would give it more flexibility. This is so cute, and works really well. In my top 3 of what I've seen so far!