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the guilt thingy :/

by berre

Final Rating: 3.54. Finished 140 out of 197 entries.

17 views including the voting period.


Animator: berre

Description: dont know what to say :s
first time i do this XD
started way to late :3
i'm somewhat happy with it :p

Experience: i'm a student XD

Time taken: 24h+-


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Michael D. Smith:


Danny Kneip:

He really doesn't appear to be looking at her once leaning forward around 223. The lip sync and movement need quite a bit of polishing, but it's a good attempt nonetheless.

Mattie Walsh:

Reference this to get those shoulders happening.

Jesse J. Jones:

Body stays still while arm moves on its own, making it feel very unnatural like you're just dragging IK handles around. Try animating the basics like a walk first to get an idea of how our bodies motivate our arm and leg movements.

Edward Chris Evjen:

Don't hide the man behind the lamp. The lady is distracting.