Final Rating: 7.66. Finished 6 out of 330 entries.

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Animator: Vladyslav Patrauchan

Description: Great shot!

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: For 2 weeks


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Nan Wang:

I love the added motion of him scratching his leg

Richard Adams:

Love the sheer vibrant liveliness of this animation!

Timmy Kwee:


Lucas Reyes:

Really great animation here, I can't really think of much to critique! The overall fleshy quality given to the characters is a great utilization of squash and stretch! There are some moments where it seems a bit too dramatic, particularly when certain body parts are settling into a pose, but given the consistency of the dynamics it works out. The main critique I have is that I wish the male character did a little more than hold his pose at the end and maybe ended up in a pose with a bit more asymmetry / appeal.


This is really good. It's a varying scene, you've the follow through from the sit down. I really love it.