Final Rating: 3.25. Finished 77 out of 96 entries.

382 views including the voting period.


Animator: federico perea

Description: so long. sorry for the old models. ill be back

Experience: 5 aprox

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Luke Coleman:

Although their individual animations are very good, a bit more interaction between the characters would make this even better. Good Job!

predrag lazic:

That little head shake on Green Hat Man works well.

Shakya Achyut:

hahaha nice

Ahmed Salama Elmostshar:

What is that !!!!

Byron Pockrandt:

Interesting choice of using male characters for this. Pink guy's mouth needs to move more and not stay in that smile. His movement is also a little sporadic. It doesn't feel very natural. Tone down the craziness a bit. The green guy is good.